Japanese Domestic Market Accessories
Here is a list of Japanese domestic market accessories for the
Protege along with part numbers.Also linked are pictures of the
parts within this list. The pictures are average 30-40kB in size.
Thumbnails are in the works. Pictures are from Mazda Motor
Corporation's Japanese website. I take absolutely no
responsibility for the information contained herein nor what
happens from it due to misuse, neglect, etc.
All information provided herein are for information purposes
only. Translation of the accessories list was done by myself. All
works here are the legal property of Mazda Motor Corporation.

For the 2001-2003 Familia Sedan (some of the parts here will fit
on the Familia S-Wagon):

Exterior parts:

B30K-V4-900 front air dam skirt
B30K-V4-910 side air dam skirt
B30S-V4-920 rear spoiler
BM8T-V7-220 fog lamp (angular type)
AL001 aluminum wheel
AL002 aluminum wheel euro type A
AL003 aluminum wheel euro type B
C900-W3-495 wheel lock set (keyed center) McGard
C902-W3-495 wheel lock set (open center) McGard
B21M-V3-650 door mirror cover (plated)
C100-V3-770 side marker plated cover
B25F-V3-450 front mud flap
B25F-V3-460 rear mud flap
B30L-V4-531 acrylic front visor
B30D-V4-536 acrylic rear visor
B16B-V4-260 muffler cutter
B25F-V4-021 front license plate holder
B30K-V7-175 white side turns lens set

Interior parts:

B30S-V4-926-xx hole cover
T002-V4-021 rear license plate cover
B25F-V0-350 vinyl floor mats
B26F-V0-350 vinyl floor mats
B30D-V0-320 floor mats (elegance)
B30M-V0-320 sporty floor mats (standard)
B30N-V0-320 sporty floor mats (deluxe)
B30S-V0-320 floor mat (elegance)
B30K-V0-680-xx clean box
B30K-V0-890-xx rear cup holders
D375-V0-580 folding bag
B30K-V8-210 aluminum foot rest
B30K-V8-220 aluminum pedal set (automatic)
B30L-V8-220 aluminum pedal set (manual)
C145-V1-450 rearview mirror cover (plated)
B30L-V7-050 foot lamp

Safety and convenience:

C902-V0-970 electrostatic ground plate
B30K-V4-180 corner guide
B30K-V7-290 corner sensor (rear corners)
B30K-V3-150-xx door edge mall
ATL01 automatic light
C900-V7-210-H3 super white bulb (fog light)
C902-V7-210-H4 super white bulb (headlight)
C903-V7-210-H4 super blue beam
KEY01 additional transmittor (key type)
KEY02 keyless entry pad
B30K-V7-600 keyless entry kit (key type)
C900-V0-450 keyless entry pad leather case
C900-V7-561 additional transmitter (pad type)
G18K-67-5RY additional transmitter (standard key holder type)
G18N-67-5RY additional transmitter #3 (standard key holder type)
1028-W3-111 baby seat (baby safe)
1029-W3-111 child seat (lamer prince)
1031-W3-111 junior seat (star riser)
1032-W3-111 Mazda ISO-FIX child seat
1033-W3-111 child seat (lamer load)
B30K-V7-510 burglar alarm
C900-W3-500 license plate lock bolt
0651-77-209B preservation supplies set


C9D1-V6-380 ETC road vessel (slim type)
C9D2-V6-380ETC road vessel (standard type)
C9M3-V6-380 ETC road vessle (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation make)
C9N2-V6-380 ETC road vessel (Panasonic)
C900-V1-700 LED spot light
CNL00 Mazda telematics kit
C900-V6-350 hands free kit
CNMT0 MD changer (6 disc) + TV tuner
CNM00 MD changer (6 disc)
CNU00 Mazda telematics corresponding navigation (CD-ROM type)
CNV00 VICS beacon system (extension cord)
CN0TO TV tuner
DNCT0 Panasonic CD auto-changer + TV tuner system
DNC02 Panasonic CD auto-changer (6 disc)
DNG00 Mazda telematics corresponding navigation (DVD-ROM type)
DNL00 Mazda telematics kit
DNV00 Panasonic VICS beacon system
DN0T0 Panasonic TV tuner
SA0C0 CD kit
SA060 In dash 6 CD changer kit
SU0M MD kit
SU06M In dash 6 CD changer kit
C9Z2-W9-600 Z5DVD road atlas nationwide edition
C9Z2-W9-610 Z5CD road atlas nationwide edition
C9Z2-W9-611 Z5CD east Japan edition
C9Z2-W9-612 Z5CD national capital region edition
C9Z2-W9-613 Z5CD west Japan edition
SU0CK CD + cassette kit
SU00K cassette kit
SU06K In dash 6 CD changer + cassette kit
CNCT0 CD changer (6 disc) + TV tuner
CNC00 CD changer (6 disc)
CNG00 Mazda telematics corresponding navigation (CD-ROM type)
23RTN rear tray speaker

Safety and car care:

1023-W3-019C super rhinoceros chain (195/55R16 tire)
1024-W3-019C super rhinoceros chain (175/70R14, 185/65R14 tire)
2042-W3-019C super rhinoceros chain (175/70R14 tire)
2162-W3-015 super rhinoceros chain (175/70R13 tire)
2164-W3-015 PEWAG chain (175/70R13 tire)
2164-W3-015 PEWAG chain (175/70R14, 185/65R14, 195/55R15 tire)
2167-W3-015 PEWAG chain (195/50R16, 195/60R15 tire)
9964-91-7263 non-skid chain (175/70R13 tire)
9964-92-6694 non-skid chain (185/65R14, 175/70R14 tire)
B3YV-67-335 snow blade for water repellency windshield (for driver's seat)
B3YW-67-335 snow blade for water repellency windshield (for suicide seat)
B455-67-335 snow blade (for driver's seat)
GJ21-67-335 snow blade (for suicide seat)
BCS01 body coating system (super)
1001-W3-525 power jack
1024-W1-5551 tire (for 15")
8563-77-7710 touch up paint

For the 2001-2003 Familia S-Wagon:

B30K-V4-930 rear under skirt
B33J-V7-220 big fog lamp kit
AL004 aluminum wheel
C901-W3-495 wheel lock set (keyed center) McGard
B30K-V3-075 lift gate garnish
B33J-V3-030 side decal
B16A-V4-260 muffler cutter
B25F-V4-021 license plate holder (for front)
B25T-V4-080 rear bumper step plate
B25T-V6-019 roof antenna joint


B30K-V0-320 floor mat standard
B30L-V0-320 floor mat deluxe grey
BJ3D-V9-540 rear luggage tray
B25T-V0-530 cargo room net
B30K-V0-381 trunk mat

Roof attachments:

B25H-V4-701A roof carrier bar
B25H-V4-702 skiing and snow board attachment (B type) for system carrier (Thule make)
B25H-V4-703 surf board attachment for system carrier (Thule make)
B25H-V4-715 attachment installation kit
B25T-V4-702 skiing and snow board attachment (A type) for system carrier (Thule make)
D201-V4-705A roof box (Thule make)
D201-V4-707 cycle attachment (uprighting system) for system carrier (Thule make)
G15A-V4-721 roof net (Thule make)
G15A-V4-723 strap belt (Thule make)
L022-V4-704 aluminum roof rack for system carrier (Thule make)
B25T-V3-460 rear mud flap
B30K-V4-531A large sized acrylic visor (for front)
B30K-V4-536A large sized acrylic visor (for rear)
B30L-V4-531A acrylic visor (for front)
B30L-V4-536A acrylic visor (for rear)


16RDN rear tray speaker

Safety and car care:

2018-W3-019C super rhinoceros chain (195/55R15 tire)
G1YS-67-335 snow blade (for rear)
G1YT-67-335 snow blade (for rear)

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