I'm getting an aftermarket single DIN receiver for my 2001 Protegé but there
is going to be a hole after I remove the stock double DIN receiver, what can I
    You can either get one of those cheap aftermarket single DIN storage bins or
    find one from a 1999-2000 Protegé. The 1999-2000 Protegé's come with a single
    DIN receiver and has a storage bin to make up that hole. The MP3 is also like
    that. Your best bet on the stock storage bin is to find one at a junk yard.
    Don't bother getting one from the dealer, it is a rip off. The new ones at
    the dealer cost more than $100.

Could I get the MP3's stereo system?
    The stock Kenwood system can be purchased from any audio store. Please note
    that the Z818 and Z919 head units are discontinued products. The speakers are
    available from Mazda as accessories, however the subwoofer unit is not. A
    special wiring harness adapter can be purchased from a Mazda dealer to allow
    a Kenwood head unit to work with the factory wiring harness. The part number
    the adapter is 0000-81-C12.

Could I get the MazdaSpeed Protegé's stereo system?
    You can only purchase the Kenwood KDC-MP919 head unit and speakers
    because they are pubically available. All other  components are not to available to
    the general public.

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