Here are some pictures to help illustrate what specific parts are available for the Protegé. This gallery
is not meant to depict owner's cars. These pictures are ones I found off the web and are meant for
information purposes only.  I give credit to whomever owns/took these pictures.

'01 JDM Smoked headlights                99-02 chrome mirror                    99-02 Protegé rear
        with clear corners                                   add-on                                     cupholders

1999-2000 JDM Familia S-Wagon Sport20 dual projector type          MazdaSpeed chromoly
                             headlights with clear corners                                    flywheel for FS engines

2001-2002 Protegé 5 dual projector type headlights
                            with clear corners

        MazdaSpeed 4-2-1 headers
                    for FS engines


                   Active Matic shifter (4 speed                        JDM instrument cluster from Familia S-Wagon
           automatic) in Familia S-Wagon Sport20                    Sport20 with Active Matic transmission

          Automatic air conditioning controls with
     silver trim in 99-00 Familia S-Wagon Sport20