TSB: 01-012/99



All models.


When attempting to charge a battery, apply caution and remove it from the vehicle. If a battery is charged in the vehicle with the battery cables connected, excessive voltage produced by the charger may result in damage to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), audio system, memory back-up circuits and other electrical devices. The maximum voltage for vehicle electrical components is approximately 15 volts. Battery chargers generate at least 15 volts and in some cases as much as 20 volts.

Damage may also occur to power window switches, lights and other similar components that are activated or that are in use while the battery is being charged in a vehicle with the battery cables connected.

Be sure to apply the above caution when attempting to charge a battery.

NOTE: Removing battery cables will erase memory circuits for audio, PCM and other devices in the vehicle.

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