Applicable Models

Model Starting S/N Ending S/N
2001 PROTEGE 10100001 10516027
2000 MPV Y0100001 10209812
2001 MPV Y0100001 10209812
1999 MIATA X0100001 10221281
2000 MIATA X0100001 10221281
2001 MIATA X0100001 10221281

Symptoms and Conditions                                                 
On some vehicles, there may be a growling or abnormal noise heard from
the front wheels at speeds below 50 mph. The front axle oil seals in
the steering knuckles may allow an accumulation of water to remain
between the seal and bearing, causing the wheel bearing to rust and
fail prematurely.

Repair Procedure
To prevent water accumulation and rust from damaging the front wheel
bearings, the steering knuckle OIL SEAL has been DELETED.

Also, there is a new steering knuckle that has a machined 'drain' to
prevent any water accumulation.

1. If the vehicle falls within the VIN range and has a failed wheel
bearing/s, install a new steering knuckle WITHOUT THE OIL SEAL
and replace the wheel bearing.

01 Protege
CB01-33-021A (Steering Knuckle, right side / Without ABS)
CB01-33-031A (Steering Knuckle, Left side / Without ABS)
C100-33-021B (Steering Knuckle, right side / With ABS)
C100-33-031B (Steering Knuckle, Left side / With ABS)

99-01 Miata
NC10-26-112B (Support Hub Right Side / Without ABS)
NC10-26-122B (Support Hub Left Side / Without ABS)
NC14-26-112B (Support Hub Right Side / With ABS)
NC14-26-122B (Support Hub Left Side / With ABS)

00-01 MPV
LC62-33-021D (Steering Knuckle, right side)
LC62-33-031D (Steering Knuckle, left side)

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