Applicable Models

Model Starting S/N Ending S/N
2003 PROTEGE 00000000 ZZZZZZZZ

Customer may experience intermittent or no sound from Kenwood rear tray

When you encounter a customer with this concern repair vehicle according
to the following repair procedures.

1. Verify customer concern.
2. Confirm that the NF (Non Fading {rear sub-woofer audio signal}) has
not been turned off accidentally by the customer. This can be checked
with the audio turned on and pressing the AM button for approximately
2 seconds, this will cause the display screen to momentarily change
indicating "NF",ON or off.
3. Confirm power to rear sub-woofer amp by verifying orange LED
illuminates when the audio unit is turned on.

If no faults are found in the above steps, exchange the sub-woofer tray
assembly by contacting KENWOOD at (562)483-8740 and faxing the audio
exchange order form to FAX No. (562)483-8749.

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