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Model Starting S/N Ending S/N Model Spec
  CX7 2010-2010   000000   ZZZZZZ  
  Mazda3 2010-2010   000000   ZZZZZZ  
  MX5 2009-2010   000000   ZZZZZZ  

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Body and Accessories / Instrumentation/Driver Info. / Improper Indication

MTOL - 6871 Dealer Repair Information

Symptom and Conditions

AMBIENT TEMPERATURE READING                                           
Customers may comment that the ambient temperature indicated in the   
display (with and without Navigation) takes a long time to register the
true ambient temperature.                                             
EXPLANATION: The AMB is programmed to start registering true ambient  
temperature after certian thresolds are met. These thresolds include  
engine temperature at the time of starting the vehicle, vehicle speed 
(over 20 MPH) and time at speeds over 20 MPH.                         
If the vehicle has sat overnight and the Ignition key is turned ON, the
actual ambient temperature will be displayed.                         
If the vehicle has been warmed up, stopped (turned Off) and then      
restarted (Ign Off to On) the display will show the last temperature  
EXAMPLE (with Ambient Temperature of 70°F):                           
Vehicle is started, display shows 60°F but ambient temperature is 70°F.

If the vehicle is driven at a constant speed over 20 MPH.              
At the end of the first 90 seconds of constant speed the display will  
increase 1°F (60 > 61)                                                 
After the first 90 seconds, the display will increase 1°F for every 60 
seconds (61 > 62, 62 > 63 etc.) if the speed remains above 20 MPH, until
actual ambient temperature is met.                                     
Display will not increase when the vehicle is in stop and go traffic or
goes below 20 MPH.                                                     

Repair Procedure

Repairs should not be attempted as this is a normal chracteristic for  
the ambient temperature logic.

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