Applicable Models

Model Starting S/N Ending S/N Model Spec
  CX7 2010-2010   000000   ZZZZZZ  
  CX9 2010-2010   000000   ZZZZZZ  
  Mazda3 2010-2010   000000   ZZZZZZ  
  Mazda6 2010-2010   000000   ZZZZZZ  

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Body and Accessories / Security and Locks / Improper Operation
Body and Accessories / Security and Locks / Serviceability
Body and Accessories / Doors and Liftgate / Serviceability
Body and Accessories / Electrical Systems / Improper Operation

MTOL - 7186 Dealer Repair Information

Symptom and Conditions

The doors and the liftgate can be set to lock or unlock automatically by
by selecting any one of the functions from the following table and using
the drivers door-lock switch.                                          

Repair Procedure

Function Number                            Function                    
     1                     The auto door-lock function is disabled.    
                           All doors and the liftgate lock automatically
     2                     when the vehicle speed reaches about 12 mph 
                           or more.                                    
                           All doors and the liftgate lock automatically
                           when the vehicle speed reaches about 12 mph 
     3                     or more. All the doors and the liftgate will
                           unlock whn the ignition is switched from "ON"
                           to "ACC" or "OFF".                          
                           When the ignition is switched "ON" and the  
     4                     shift lever is shifted from PARK to any     
                           other gear posistion, all doors and the     
                           liftgate lock automatically.                
                           When the ignition is switched "ON" and the  
                           shift leveris shifted from PARK to any other
     5                     gear position, all the doors and the liftgate
                           lock automatically. When the shift lever is 
                           shifted to Park while the ignition is ON all
                           doors and the liftgate unlock automatically.
1. Stop the vehicle and close all the doors.                           
2. Switch the ignition ON.                                             
3. Press and hold the lock side of the drivers door-lock switch within 
   10 seconds of switching the ignition ON, A "BEEP" will be heard about
   8 seconds afterwards.                                               
4. Refering to the table above, determine the function number for the  
   desired setting and press the unlock side of the drivers door-lock  
   switch in the amount of the selected function number.               
5. Three seconds after the function setting has been changed, a BEEP   
   will BEEP in the amount of the selected number.                     
NOTE: It has been found that there is no BEEP when pressing the lock   
      side of the switch for 2010 CX-7, but there is a confirmation beep
      *On vehicles equipped with auto door lock system customization   
      function. 2010 Mazda6 vehicles with BCM GS3L-67-560 and          
      GS3M-67-560 are                                                  
      not equipped with this feature.                                  
      ** Functions 4 and 5 are not available on Manual Transmission    
*** Published in Mtips newsletter Jan/Feb 2010 ***                    

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