All models except Miata and MX-6.


Wind noise around doors may occur with some vehicles. This may be caused by the door weather-strip seal.

Customers complaining of this should have their vehicle inspected and repaired according to this service bulletin.


  1. Verify customer complaint.
  2. Examine weather-strip for the following conditions:

Card Test

  1. Open the door and insert a business card (0.2MM thickness) between the door and the weather-strip at the base of the A-pillar. Close the door.

  2. Slide the business card up along the A-pillar.

White Grease Test

  1. Roll down windows and adequately cover all interior surfaces to prevent contact with grease.
  2. Thoroughly and evenly spray the sheet metal surface of the body that seals against the weather-strip on the door.

    NOTE: It is recommended that you use KAR Products #)78620 "Multi-purpose white grease (aerosol spray)" or equivalent.

    Do not spray the weather-strip.

  3. Using only the door handle, very gently close the door. This will prevent over-slam which could result in an inaccurate reading.
  4. Open the door and measure the width of the grease pattern that is left along the length of the weather-strip (check for any unevenness in width)

Door Adjustment

The door should be adjusted to obtain the proper seal compression while maintaining proper door alignment. The hinges control the in/out location of the door at the front as well as overall tip or tilt of the door when viewed from the front or rear. The door striker controls the in/out location of the door at the rear latch

CAUTION: Do not pry or force the door into alignment.

In addition to Workshop Manual procedures for door alignment, the following information tips are provided

  1. Verify repair.

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